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A vote has been called upon entering into incubation with the Apache Software Foundation. This document attempts to outline what that process entails, what its benefits are, and what changes would be made in light of it.

The vote on entering into ASF incubation will last one week, until April 22 EST.


ASF Incubation

Incubation is the process of becoming a "podling" within the Apache Software Foundation. A "podling" is a project which has not yet graduated into a full Apache Software Foundation project. Notably, Habari has been modeled after many aspects of Apache software, so little will change.


The primary benefit of entering into ASF incubation is having the expertise and recognition of the Apache Software Project behind us. The primary manifestation of this benefit is having solid legal ground to defend against intellectual property and other claims.

Additionally, the ASF provides hosting resources, which are very much needed at present.


If Habari becomes an ASF podling, some guidelines must be followed. First, the PMC must appoint a PMC Chairman who will make regular reports the Apache Software Foundation. This is a purely representative duty, and is not meant to give said Chairman greater authority over the project.

Additionally, there is a formalized release process which we must follow. This process includes the approval of the ASF Incubation PMC. More information is available here:


If accepted into incubation, Habari shall formally become Apache Habari. Out of the large list of projects at, however, very few are known as "Apache _____".


Habari has been modeled after the Apache ecosystem since its beginning, so Habari already meets most of the requirements. The primary changes which will be made include:

  • A formalized release process
  • Appointment of a PMC Chairman to represent Habari to the ASF Incubation PMC


  • What happens when/if we graduate?

Per the Guide to Successful Graduation, we would either graduate to a TLP (Top Level Project) or a sub-project of an existing TLP. Since there are obviously no existing TLPs that would be applicable, we would become a TLP of our own.

  • Is graduation required?

The goal is not to become an incubated project. Incubation is simply a required step to become a TLP. Graduation is the goal.

  • What happens with the -extras repository?

Worst case, if -extras isn't a possibility within the ASF structure, could we host it somewhere else?

  • How does this affect bug tracking?

I believe it to be the case that we would be expected to use one of ASF's bug trackers: either Bugzilla or Jira.

  • How does this affect translation efforts (currently on Launchpad)?
  • How do the requirements for Contributor License Agreements affect the wiki and patch submission?

The declaration seems to be for all wiki contributions (and likely tickets) to sign CLAs:

In particular, care must be taken to ensure that access to the wiki used to create documentation is restricted to only those with filed CLAs. The PPMC MUST review all changes and ensure that trust is not abused.

Yes, we can continue to use Habari on our own site. Roller did this while they were in incubation. Look through the various projects in incubation, and you'll find a number of them that are doing this.

The lists are moderated in the sense that someone has to volunteer to moderate non-subscriber messages. That is, the lists are subscriber-only, so messages that come from non-subscribers are flagged as spam and sent to the moderator for approval. This does NOT mean that every message to the list (from subscribers) have to be individually moderated.

  • "However, the Public Relations Committee MUST review any releases by affiliated organizations or groups to ensure they comply with these branding guidelines." Does this include HP.o blog posts?

No, the PRC doesn't need to approve blog posts. There may be people on the PRC that think that they have that authority, but I honestly don't think that they do, unless we ask them to.

  • "incubator projects are not permitted to issue an official Release. Test snapshots (however good the quality) and Release plans are OK." Is that just a semantic issue (ie 0.7 isn't a "release" it's just a "test snapshot"?)
  • How long would the incubation process take?
  • Would we have to change our licensing in any way? Would we be forced to stop using jQuery?

The jQuery License (MIT) should be compatible with with the Habari ASL.

  • What exactly would change on The URL? The logo? All mentions of Habari?
  • Will we be required to host it on ASF infrastructure? Infrastructure wise that seems like a good idea, but would it impact our planned theme/plugin installer service? Could we even run Habari on it?
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