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The Blogroll plugin lets you configure a links list to insert it in your blog sidebar.

Using and configuring the plugin

  • Download from the Habari Community Plugins Repository
  • Unzip the file
  • Install to your user/plugins directory
  • Add <?php $theme->show_blogroll(); ?> to your sidebar (or wherever you want the plugin output to be)
  • Activate the plugin on your site.
  • Use the 'Configure' action to configure the list and how it should be displayed:
* The 'List title', when set, displays a title for the blog roll wrapped by an h3 element (by default, but this can be changed using the provided templates).
* Set 'Max. displayed links' to your preference.
* Change the 'Sort By' dropdown to the 'Randomize' to shuffle the list each time it is displayed.

Then add your links via the main menu. Click New, then Blogroll Link, or 'Q' then 'N' and the corresponding number for 'Blogroll Link', probably 3.

Customizing the plugin output

The plugin is accompanied with a default template file (blogroll.php). If you want to customize how the plugin output is displayed (eg. Use an ordered-list instead of an unordered one), simply copy that file to your currently active theme folder and edit it to your preference.

Reporting plugin issues

If you encounter any issues with this plugin, please create a new ticket in habari-extras trac. Make sure that you set the 'Component' of the ticket to 'plugin: blogroll'.

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