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What's A Bug Hunt?

A bug hunt is a coordinated effort of the community to find, and fix as many of the problems with Habari as we can. Usually, this is done in anticpation of an upcoming release. By scheduling a specific Bug Hunt day, we make it easier to coordinate efforts. "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

What's the Process?

On the day of the Bug Hunt, anyone who is interested in helping with the Bug Hunt should stop by the IRC channel #habari on freenode.net and check in. See what people are working on and either pick an issue from trac, let the channel know what you're working on and dive in, or else ask what people need help reviewing or testing.

What If I Don't Code?

No problem. If you know how to apply patches, you can test other people's code. You can write or proof-read documentation. You can install Habari in different environments and let people know if you have any problems. You can edit this wiki. Whatever you're good at or comfortable with, we can probably use. Any help you can give goes a long way, whether it's 10 minutes or 10 hours. Sometimes even a "great job everyone" can move things along just a bit.

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