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The Cabal is the tongue-in-cheek name of the Project Management Committee (PMC), comprised of developers and contributors with commit access to the source repository.


Responsibilities of the Cabal

The purpose of the Cabal is to have a body of people dedicated to the stewardship of the project. Cabal members wrestle code, write documentation, and shepherd the community. Cabal members have a binding vote in any issue brought for a formal vote. A Cabal member may vote "+1" in favor of an issue, "+0" to express no negative opinion (without actually expressing endorsement), or "-1" to express a negative opinion. In the case of technical decisions, a vote of -1 is to veto an item. All vetos must be accompanied by a specific technical objection to the issue being considered, and a counter-proposal is strongly suggested. In the case of non-technical decisions, a -1 vote need not be a veto.

See the Apache voting guidelines for more information.

Below are some guidelines for what is expected in general of members of the Cabal.

Expanded Focus

Habari encourages people to "scratch their own itch". This keeps helps to keep their work in the realm of fun, rather than work. PMC members are expected keep an eye on development as a whole and identify and take action on aspects of the project that are not progressing as rapidly. This may be as simple as bringing an element to the attention of someone with the interest, but not the awareness to work on that element. Or it may mean spending some of your time working on an aspect you don't find as interesting, but that benefits the project as a whole.

Active Participation

With the understanding that Habari is open, and entirely volunteer, it it expected that members of the PMC remain active in the development of Habari. This is as simple as following the mailing lists, HP.o and/or IRC so that you are able to vote on issues knowledgeably. If a PMC member is unable to keep up with development for an extended period, they should notify the PMC that questions they may be looked upon for answers should be directed elsewhere.

The Good of The Project

Members of the PMC are expected to make decisions within the community based on what's best for the Community. This by no means suggests that personal feelings should be ignored, or that objections should be silenced, but that disagreements should be moderated and consensus should be supported. Additionally, all community members should be encouraged to keep conversations positive and objective as much as possible.

Responsible Voting

Voting is basic function of the PMC. Members have a responsibility to vote honestly and responsibly. If you do not know enough about a subject to cast an informed vote, a +0 vote is expected. During the voting process, any and all objections and disagreements should be voiced, debated and examined. However, once a vote is concluded, members of the PMC should support the final decision and move on to the next item.

Embracing Meritocracy

Meritocracy is fundamental to how the PMC operates. Those who do good work for the community should be encouraged and rewarded. People should be encouraged to take ownership of Habari as a whole rather than any single aspect of the project. Distinctions between "coders", "users", "themers", "doc-writers", etc. should be discouraged

Communication Amongst Cabal Members

Each member of the PMC is committed to maintaining the projects standards of openness and transparency. However, there are some topics which are better discussed in a more private forum. This can include security issues, major policy decisions that require a speedy and unified consensus, and, primarily, admission of new members to the PMC. The -private list is intended to allow the PMC to openly and honestly debate the issues before it without concern for protecting the feelings of individuals being discussed and to allow all members of the PMC to support the final decisions publicly. The -private mailing list is archived, and anyone who is a member of the PMC has access to the full archives, regardless of the length of their PMC membership.

Each member of the PMC has an obligation to the community to confine discussion on the -private list to things that are appropriate to that list, and to request that discussion be moved to the public lists if there is not a demonstrable benefit to the Community in keeping the discussion private. Communication regarding Habari policy or development in any other private venue should always be considered unacceptable.

Selection of Cabal Membership

The Cabal is self-selecting from the larger body of community participants. Current Cabal members nominate potential new members, and a private vote is held after any necessary discussion. There is no specific limitation on the number of Cabal members. There is no defined metric used for who should or should not receive an invitation to the Cabal; however, basic guidelines suggest that the inductee demonstrate a positive contribution to the project, a willingness to steward the project and its community as it grows, and an awareness of the responsibilities of membership.

Cabal members remain in the Cabal for as long as they like, barring malicious action toward the project or the community. Cabal members are free to exit the Cabal at any time. Alternatively, Cabal members can choose to enter emeritus status. An emeritus Cabal member retains access to the -private mailing list, and they may vote in an advisory capacity, but they do not count towards the voting majority. They can request a resumption of full Cabal status, which should be confirmed by a simple majority.

Current Cabal Members

Current Cabal members are listed in bold on the Contributors page.

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