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The version class implements the following static classes, mostly used internally by Habari:

  • get_dbversion()

Returns the current Database Version. The database version is an svn revision number in which the database structure was last changed.

  • get_apiversion()

Returns the current API Version. The API version is an svn revision in which any of the Habari API's were last changed.

  • get_habariversion()

Returns the current Habari version. The version is in the form of 'x.y[.z]-[type] (eg. 0.7-alpha).

  • is_devel()
  • save_dbversion()

Store the current database version in the database (options table).

  • requires_upgrade()

Retruns True if the database needs to be updated based on the source database version being newer than the schema last applied to the database. This is used by the installer to run the upgrade script(s) during updating.

The update notification system used by Habari compares the Habari version of the local copy against the version reported by the Habari update beacon service.

This page describes a PHP class that is in the Habari software. For more comprehensive technical information visit the API Documentation.
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