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The Credit Due plugin allows you to display a list of the active themes and plugins on your site, so that you can give some credit to the developers and designers who have helped create your site.

How It Works

The Credit Due plugin checks to see what theme is active on your site and gathers the information contained in the theme.xml file, it then gathers the same data from active plugins and outputs it for display. Themes and Plugins are each contained in an <h3> tag and the themes and plugins are presented in an unordered list.

How To Use It

  • Download from the Habari Community Plugins Repository
  • Unzip the file
  • Install to your user/plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin on your site.
  • Create a Page in Admin->Content->Page titled "Credits"
  • Create a page Template in your theme that includes <?php $theme->show_credits(); ?> and save it as page.credits.php
This page describes a plugin for Habari.
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