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Many clients exist to allow you to edit your blog and post new content from your desktop without having to interact with the admin interface. They also provide a backup of your posts in case you have a server problem. Habari supports Atom Publishing Protocol by default, and with a MetaWeblog plugin, most desktop blogging clients should be able to post to Habari. The XMLRPC entry point should be specified as 'http://<site>/atom' for Atompub clients and 'http://<site>/xmlrpc/' for Metaweblog.

Consult the following chart to determine which clients will work best.

Client Name OS Protocol Support Create Posts Edit Posts Delete Posts Tags Supported
MarsEdit OSX MetaWeblog, AtomPub yes yes yes yes
ScribeFire Firefox MetaWeblog yes yes yes yes
Ecto OSX MetaWeblog yes yes yes
Ecto Windows * * * * *
BlogJet Windows MetaWeblog no no no
RocketPost Windows MetaWeblog no no no
Windows Live Writer Windows MetaWeblog yes yes yes yes
Qumana OSX MetaWeblog no no no
MacJournal OSX Atom yes yes no
Google Docs Web MetaWeblog yes no no no
DotPost Windows MetaWeblog yes no no
w.bloggar Windows MetaWeblog yes yes yes yes
Fude Windows Atom yes yes yes no
Blogo OSX MetaWeblog yes yes yes no
myBlogEdit OSX MetaWeblog yes no no
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