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Default tokens (created in

Token group Token name Token description
Super User super_user Permissions for super users
Administration manage_all_comments Manage comments on all posts
manage_own_post_comments Manage comments on one's own posts
manage_tags Manage tags
manage_options Manage options
manage_theme Change theme
manage_theme_config Configure the active theme
manage_plugins Activate/deactivate plugins
manage_plugins_config Configure active plugins
manage_import Use the importer
manage_users Add, remove, and edit users
manage_self Edit own profile
manage_groups Manage groups and permissions
manage_logs Manage logs
Content own_posts Permissions on one's own posts
post_any Permissions to all posts
post_page Permissions to posts of type "page"
post_post Permissions to posts of type "post"
Comments comment Make comments on any post
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