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Developing for Habari is a great way to get a gentle introduction to the code base. This page links to resources useful for extending Habari.


The Basics

There are certain concepts about developing for Habari that you should know before you embark on the journey.


In Habari, Themes and Plugins are functionally almost the same thing. We call these things "Pluggable" because they allow you to plug new features into Habari.

Developing Themes

Themes allow Habari's output to be customized to look like whatever you like. They can also provide functionality for a site that may require special additional code.

We're working hard to make theme development easy for new themers. This information should help.

Here is a summary of the information you'll find on the Themes page:

Developing Plugins

Plugins add functionality to Habari, sometimes providing additional interfaces for users to supply new content. Plugins can also add new templates to themes to help output any data that they collect.

Here is a summary of the information you'll find on the Plugins page:

  • Creating A Plugin : A comprehensive, step-by-step overview of how to create a plugin.

Common Tasks

Because Themes and Plugins are so alike, there are many features that work the same way in both. Themes can implement plugin-like features, and plugins can make new templates to the output. There are a few differences, but there are some things that are common between the two that are useful to know.

Core Resources

In order to build exciting Plugins and Themes, sometimes a better understanding of the inner workings of Habari is required. The core development hub provides resources useful for obtaining a better understanding of the core Habari functionality.

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