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The Habari community lives because members share what they have done. We are sure what you created is great for someone else, too - so here are some instructions on how to effectively share your work!


Host your addon publicly

We prefer GitHub, but you are free to use other hosting services like Bitbucket. However, listing your addon in the official catalog currently only works for GitHub - sorry! We are planning to allow Bitbucket, and you are free to create a catalog plugin for the hoster of your choice.

So, for now, just register with GitHub and host your addon there. To do so, you just have to add a repository on GitHub, the page will give you instructions on how to transfer your existing local repo to GitHub (or create a new one). GitHub supports Git and Mercurial repositories.

Tell people about it

We will be happy to read about your work in the Habari Developers Google Group or, if it is already usable for the masses, in the Users Group!

List your addon in the official catalog

See the Addon catalog page for details on the catalog. It is the best way to offer your addon to all Habari users.

Provide follow-up versions

Look at the Addon life-cycle to see how to develop and contribute best.

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