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Who's Who In Habari Land Page
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The goal of this page is to help people know who's who in the world of Habari. As many of the people involved have different usernames on different systems which are part of the Habari universe (IRC, e-mail, etc.), it can sometimes be difficult to remember what names go with which people.

Anyone who is active on the mailing lists, in IRC, or with testing or documentation is more than welcome to list themselves here. Also feel free to add yourself to the Google Map (you must be logged in to edit).

People are listed alphabetically by last name.

Bold names indicate members of the Cabal. Emeritus Cabal members are also italicised.

Name Commits As IRC Email Website Contributions
Khaled Abou Alfa khaled, brokenkode Khaled Design
Matthias Bauer moeffju, matthias.bauer moeffju see stirring the pot
Michael Bishop miklb, miklb testing, documentation, theming
Rich Bowen rbowen, rbowen2000 DrBacchus little bit o' everything
Ali B. dmondark dmondark See habari-dev Whatever I can do to help
Ben Carpenter lapsedtheorist lapsedtheorist www @ my website -> Anything not involving graphic design; That'd be code then. Author of 'Relatively Popular' plugin.
Sean Coates sean scoates sean @ HTMLTokenizer, Highlighter, moral support (-;
Rick Cockrum rickc rickc, rick_c website contact form learning, wiki, SQLite testing
Graham Christensen itrebal graham.christensen at submitting sporadic comments in #habari while promising to get back involved again
Chris Dary umbrae Umbrae
Chris J. Davis chrisjdavis, chrisdmitri chrisjdavis little bit o' everything
Caius Durling caius, nemo Caius Testing, Sorting out SVN, Moaning, Comitting
John Edmondson mumbles john at themes / documentation - sometimes
Sean Evans morydd Morydd documentation
Massimiliano F Massimiliano iMassimiliano lurked + learnt
Vicki Frei vkaryl
Michael C. Harris michaeltwofish michaeltwofish some stuff
Michael Heilemann Heilemann Heilemann
Thimal Jayasooriya lairmail, tinster
Johan eighty4 eighty4 me at -> bursting out in song, always in swedish.
Blake Johnson bjohnson
Nitin Reddy Katkam snowyrooftops mail at Break, it must. Fix, I shall.
Grey Lee bcse
Mike Lietz mikelietz mikelietz codger at gmail overpromising, underdelivering
Chris Meller chrismeller chrismeller / meller pisses people off... and breaks things. server admin. keymaster.
Scott Merrill skippy, smerrill skippy little bit o' everything
Christian Mohn h0bbel h0bbel evangelizing, testing
Amanda Moore manda_moore, manda-moore, wtupyo themes, hanging out in IRC
Elizabeth Naramore ElizabethN elizabeth @ naramore dot net moral support
Raman Ng tinyau, tinyau.vampire tinyau committer
Thomas Pedersen kalve testing
Morgante Pell arthus arthus UI, CSS, JavaScript, plugins
Jay Pipes jaypipes jaypipes
Matt Read MattRead, BigJibby yes Ponies
Mike Schepker shep theme tester/question asker
Colin Seymour lildude lildude lildood at gmail dot com Personal:


A little bit here and there
Jose da Silva jose (at) josedasilva (dot) net trying to push forward
Geoffrey Sneddon gsnedders gsnedders
Petr Stuchlik stuchl4n3k stuchl4n3k Create Plugins, test everything, Czech L10N
Randy Walker RandyWalker RandyWalker asks awkward questions
Eugene Wee youjeanne crystalrecursion at gmail plugin author, random bug hunter killer
Adam Wilcox wilcosworld wilcosworld adam at my website -> testing, and innocent bystander
Owen Winkler ringmaster, epithet ringmaster little bit o' everything
Josh Wood joshix joshix When in doubt use brute force
Konzertheld* Konzertheld Konzertheld German translation, annoying people. * not his real name
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