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This page should be the main index to learning about Habari internals, plugin development, etc.

  • Debugging Tips: Some tips for getting started with debugging in Habari.
  • QueryRecord: The building block of Habari.
  • Coding Standards: Generally accepted practice within the project.
  • CSS Coding Standards: Generally accepted CSS practice within the project (suggestion).
  • Habari Workflow : How Habari processes requests.
  • Code Submisson : How to submit code and patches for Habari.
  • Habari Classes : An overview of the main object classes used by Habari.
  • Multisite : How multi-site configurations work in Habari.
  • User Overrides : How to use the `/user/classes` and `/user/themes` directories to override core Habari functionality.
  • Hooks : A list of available hooks for your themes and plugins.
  • Creating A Plugin : A tutorial on Habari Plugin architecture.
  • Rewrite Tutorial : How to construct rewrite rules for Habari.
  • Database Schema : Structure of the Habari Database.
  • Stack Class: The Stack class allows a developer to create a "stack" of items for later output.
  • Managing Media: How Habari helps developers manage media from a variety of sources.
  • Human Interface Guidelines: How to approach the further development of the administration interface and its intended use.
  • Dashboard Modules: Overview and use of dashboard modules within the administration interface.
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