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Feedburner plugin for Habari allows you to redirect your feeds to Feedburner. It also adds a dashboard module displaying the feed statistics for each feed.



Current Version: 1.9
Author: The Habari Community


The Feedburner plugin is available in the Extras Repository for both Habari 0.6 and the latest trunk code:

Habari 0.6.x: feedburner-0.6-1.9.zip
Habari Trunk: feedburner-trunk.zip

Please ensure you download the correct file for your version of Habari


  1. Download either the zip file to your server
  2. Extract the contents to a temporary location (not strictly necessary, but just being safe)
  3. Move the feedburner directory to /<path to habari>/user/plugins/
  4. Refresh your plugins page, activate the plugin and configure it to suit your needs


  • Feed Assignments: Enter the name you've assigned to your respective entries and comments feeds on Feedburner. This is the last part of the FeedBurner URL. For example, if your FeedBurner feed URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/MainFeed, then enter "MainFeed" into the appropriate box.
  • Exclusions: Use this section to specify user agents and IP addresses that you do not wish to be redirected to FeedBurner. The default values provided are there to prevent FeedBurner's bots being redirected back to itself, so do NOT delete these.

Dashboard Statistics Module

The dashboard statistics module is enabled by default, however in order to see your statistics within the dashboard, you need to enable the "Awareness API" within the "Publicize" tab of your feed settings on Feedburner.

This page describes a plugin for Habari.
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