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There may be occasions when you encounter a bug in Habari or you want to request a new feature. The best way to let us know is through our issue tracker (you will need a Github account; create a free account if you don't already have one). First, search the open issues and see if anyone has filed a similar bug or enhancement request. If so, please provide any additional information on the existing issue. Otherwise, you can open a new issue.

The more detail you are able to provide, for both new and existing issues, the easier it will be to resolve your issue.


Sum up the problem in a few words, so that the issue is recognizable in a list of titles.


A detailed summary of the issue.
In the case of a defect, you should describe
  • what you were attempting to do,
  • what you expected to happen,
  • what did happen,
  • any other information that will help others identify the cause of the problem and the solution to the problem.
In the case of an enhancement, describe in as much detail as you're able what you would like to see your feature do.

Don't worry about assigning the issue to anyone or specifying a milestone, we'll deal with those as required.

For formatting, the issue form uses Markdown, with some Github extensions. You can see what your comment will look like by clicking Preview.

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