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A Hack-A-Thon is a coordinated event whereby the Habari community focuses on fixing bugs and implementing new features in a very short time frame. Normal Habari development happens on an "as you can" basis, with little specific focus. During a Hack-A-Thon, specific tickets are identified for resolution, or new functionality is added. A Hack-A-Thon usually occurs prior to a feature-freeze before a new version release. The idea is to get lots of people working together on specific things, in order to reduce the development time, increase user testing, and iron out bugs.

If you're a developer, you should feel free to claim one or more bugs in the Habari Issue Tracker. If you're a user, or don't yet feel comfortable digging into the Habari code, you can help test potential bugfixes or document new features. Simply indicate that you're available to help! If you have a specific interest in testing certain things, make that known so that you can pair up as quickly as possible with the developers working on those things.

Hack-A-Thons will each get their own dedicated pages, on which participates can sign up and coordinate efforts. The list below is in reverse chronological order (newest first), so the most recent Hack-A-Thon should always be at the top of the list.

  • Hack-A-Thon #1 : midnight GMT 2009-01-16 through midnight GMT 2009-01-18
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