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#habari is the official IRC channel on Freenode for Habari. Much of the discussion between developers happens here. However, nothing formal is decided upon on the channel. All discussions pertaining to the direction and management of Habari is taken to the developer mailing list for formal conversation, and a vote, if necessary. If you have a question, an idea, or just want to get to know the people who are working on Habari, this is a good place to visit. Additionally, we maintain JibbyBot in the IRC channel which provides some fun and useful features.


Nature of IRC

IRC is informal in nature, and works much like a room at a small party. People come and go as they wish, and discussions can move in many directions. If you have a question, feel free to ask. And if you have an answer, feel free to contribute that as well. As you spend time in #habari, you will likely get to know the personalities of the other visitors and develop friendships as well. This atmosphere is great for fostering development, but does lead to off-topic discussions at times. If the discussion goes into a territory you feel is inappropriate, please say so. While we do not want to set rules as to what can, and cannot be discussed, we also do not want to offend people. Much like other aspects of the Habari Community, the quality of #habari is determined by the participants.

Useful Links

If you've come here directly from the IRC channel, you may find these links useful:

Web Portal

A web-based chat can be found at, just choose a nick and join channel 'habari'.


Please note that there is a log of the #habari IRC channel maintained at so don't say anything in the channel that you don't want recorded for all time.

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