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Early in 2008, Bluehost upgraded all servers to PHP 5.2.x which allows Habari to be installed and configured on a Bluehost server.

The other main pre-requisite for using Habari is the installation of the PDO (PHP Data Objects) extensions; specifically PDO drivers for the MySQL database.

To check the version of PHP running on a Bluehost server and to determine whether your server has the necessary software installed, simply create a text file named 'phpinfo.php' in the root directory of the Web server containing the following lines:


Then, visit the URL in a Web browser - and examine the output.

The summary section includes the operating system of the host server, the exact version of the PHP interpreter and the options used to configure PHP.


  • Check the version of PHP - Habari needs 5.2 (or higher)
  • Check PDO and the required drivers for the MySQL database are installed. The Web page will be long so searching for 'PDO' may quickly locate the necessary section. If PDO and the drivers are present, you should see a section similar to the following:


If the PDO extensions and the support for MySQL are present, proceed with the installation of Habari.

Otherwise, raise a ticket with Bluehost Technical Support asking for PDO and/or the drivers for MySQL to be installed on your server.

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