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How to install Habari on Media Temple (GS).


Media Temple defaults all websites under their (GS) to PHP 4

Log into your Media Temple account by going to Go to the admin section of the server for the domain you are working with. From there go to the PHP Settings area and select the radio button under PHP 5. Click save for the change to go into effect immediately.


From the admin section of the server for the domain you are working with, go to the Manage Databases section. Click the Add Database tab to add a new database for use with your Habari installation.

Alternatively, you can click on the Global Settings tab and add a new database user but this is not required.

Then follow the Install guides as normal.

How to install Habari on Media Temple (dv)


PHP 5 should be the default setting.

PCRE Unicode Support

A problem you may run into is unicode support in the PCRE extension. Here is how you solve that problem:


Go to this article and complete the first three steps:

A few things to note: - You need to have the Developer Tools package installed and you need to have your root user enabled. The article states this at the beginning, but just in case.


After YUM is installed you'll want to visit Step 10 on this article:

You'll follow Step 10 in the article line-by-line with the exception of the following:

1. The directory /usr/src/redhat already exists. So ignore the first command ([prompt]# mkdir /usr/src/redhat)

2. Instead of the command on line 3: [prompt]# wget

Type this:

The original URL is now 404. The new URL I found from this article:

  • One thing to note, and this is mainly for those who aren't familiar with the terminal and VIM, when you're in the VIM editor and you hit the "i" key, it will place the cursor at the top of the file which may or may not be outside of your current viewing area. Just scroll up a bit in the Terminal if that's the case. Also, if you need to reference VIM commands here's one I use:

3. In the last set of commands, ignore this one: [prompt]# mv /usr/local/lib/libpcre*.* /usr/local/lib/pcre-old


Restart your httpd server and you should be good to go. (You can do this via MediaTemple's web interface.)

If you would like to read further discussion regarding this topic you can visit the original thread:

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