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How to install Habari on Surpass

Surpass Hosting shared hosting accounts all fulfill the Habari Requirements, but installation takes a little work.

Log into your cPanel at http://yourhostname/cpanel/ and open the File Manager. Select Upload and in the new window, browse to your Habari zip file. Once the upload is 100% Complete the file should appear in your file listing. Check the box next to it (check that it has a box icon and the Type is "package/x-generic") and hit Extract.

Type the path you wish to extract the file - and it will unzip it to your specified directory. The files will be extracted into their own directory, so if you are using the stable release, and unzipping to /public_html you will find the files in /public_html/habari-0.5.2/

The extraction results will list the first several files from the archive, and the bottom will show "Output Truncated by browser" but do not worry, all the files have been extracted. Now you probably need to update the file and directory permissions.

Check by going to your installation directory (http://yourhostname/yourdirectory/). If you see the installer, skip ahead. If not, and you get a 500 Internal Server Error ("The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.") your permissions must be updated.

Check the permissions on your install directory. Change them to 0755 (drwxr-xr-x). Open the directory and edit the permissions on index.php to 0644 (-rw-r--r--).

Now, keeping the file manager open, check your installer again. If you get a red box about "Installation issues... because your server is not correctly configured." you need to make change one more file. Browse to /public_http/your_directory/system/classes and open installhandler.php in the Code Editor. Click the binoculars to search and replace 'Apache' with 'WebServerX' - note this is case specific. Save changes.

You should now be able to reload the installation page and install Habari normally.

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