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At your service.



JibbyBot provides a bunch of useful features through her integration with GitHub. For example, she announces to the new/closed tickets and Git commits to IRC automatically. There are also a bunch of useful on-demand features.

  • #123 - Retrieve the title and URL of a specific ticket via GitHub.
  • ,hw <search term> - Searches the Habari Wiki and returns the most likely result.
  • ,who <irc nickname> - Searches the habariproject.org blog for a user's real name and blog URL. Only works for Cabal members who have configured their accounts with IRC info.
  • ,heval <php code> - Evaluates the PHP against the Habari source and outputs the result.


  • ,guid - Create a GUID, which you can use in plugins for Beacon support.

Web utilities

  • ,woot - Display the current item on Woot.com
  • ,head <url> [header] - Returns the requested header (or 'Status', if not specified) for the given URL.
  • ,g <search term> - Returns a TinyURL to the top Google result for your search term.
  • ,def <word> - Returns the definition for the given word, as reported by a Google "define: <term>" query.
  • ,ud <word> - Returns an Urban Dictionary result for the given word. Definer beware.
  • ,weather <city> - Returns the current weather for the city specified.


  • [off] - Do not log this line of text (must be at the beginning of the line).
  • ,seen <irc nickname> - Find the last time someone was present on IRC.
  • ,heard <irc nickname> - Find the last thing a user actually said.
  • JibbyBot: tell <irc nickname> <message> - Leave the specified user a message they will receive the next time they say something in the channel.


There are a bunch of fun little commands you can give JibbyBot to make her useful or say silly things. For the most part you should hang out in the IRC channel to figure out what these are, but here's one or two to get you started.

  • yow - JibbyBot's quote of the moment.
  • woy - .tnemom eht fo etouq s'toBybbiJ
  • ,lastfm [username] - Print the last song scrobbled by this user and a link to the song page on last.fm. If no username is specified, she uses your current IRC nickname.
  • ,dent [username] - Display the user's last notice from identi.ca. If no username is specified, she uses your current IRC nickname.
  • ,twitter [username | status ID] [tweets back] - Display the user's last notice from Twitter, or one a specified number of tweets back. If no username is specified, she uses your current IRC nickname. If a specific status ID is given, she fetches that specific message.
  • ,tweet <message> - Tweets the message through JibbyBot's Twitter Account. Limited to users given access to prevent SPAM.
  • ,cackle - Cackle maniacally.
  • ,twss - Indicate something specific a female uttered.
  • ,beer <username> - Throw someone a beer.
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