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Moving a Habari installation can be a breeze, but it really depends on the type of move.

Different directory within same domain (same database)

You may want to move your Habari installation from a test directory on your site (e.g., to the root directory (e.g., In this case, moving your installation is a simple two step process:

  1. Move files - simply move the files to the desired location using your FTP client
  2. Update .htaccess - open the .htaccess file found within the main Habari directory and change the line starting with RewriteBase to the new Habari location. For example, to move from /test to the root directory change this line from RewriteBase /test to RewriteBase /

Done! Note that with this move you do not need to change anything related to the database. All should work as it did before. You may encounter a cache warning at the top of the dashboard when you first login after completing your move. This is OK and will work itself out as you go about your merry way enjoying your Habari installation.

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