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By default, Habari does not add the nofollow microformat tag to commenter links. For those who would prefer to nofollow comments, it is easily done in the theme by adding the nofollow tag to the output of the commenter's url.

<li id="comment-<?php echo $comment->id; ?>" <?php echo $class; ?>>
  <div class="comment-content">
    <?php echo $comment->content_out; ?>
  <div class="comment-meta">#<a href="#comment-<?php echo $comment->id; ?>" class="counter" title="<?php _e('Permanent Link to this Comment'); ?>">
    <?php echo $comment->id; ?></a> | 
<span class="commentauthor"><?php _e('Comment by'); ?> <a href="<?php echo $comment->url; ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php echo $comment->name; ?></a></span>
<span class="commentdate"> <?php _e('on'); ?> <a href="#comment-<?php echo $comment->id; ?>" title="<?php _e('Time of this comment'); ?>"><?php $comment->date->out('M j, Y h:ia'); ?></a></span>
<h5><?php if ( $comment->status == Comment::STATUS_UNAPPROVED ) : ?> <em><?php _e('In moderation'); ?></em><?php endif; ?></h5>
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