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Habari will have a table at Ohio Linux Fest on September 29, 2007. This is a great opportunity to meet some of your fellow Habari Community Members, as well as be a part of helping "Spread the News" about Habari.



This is a list of some of the things we'd like to accomplish at OLF this year:

  • Tell people about Habari and what Habari does, and what it will do.
  • Get feedback from the OSS community as to what they'd like to see in a blogging platform.
    • We would like to prepare a short questionaire to have people fill out at our table.
  • Expand the number of people who are aware of Habari, and are interested in helping development.
  • Build the Habari Community by having face-to-face interaction between members of the Habari Community
  • Have fun!


Chris J Davis will be giving a presentation on Great Code Comes from Great Community using Habari as an example of how the meritocracy system has allowed us to grow.

Help Out

We'll need people to man the Habari Table throughout the day. The schedule of presentations is at http://www.ohiolinux.org/schedule.html

If you'll be there and are willing to cover the table, please add your name below at the timeslot you would like. We'd like at least 2 people in each time slot, so feel free to sign up for more than one. This is just to give us a loose idea of what kind of coverage we can have.

Time Slot Time Volunteers
Setup 7:30a-8:00a
Registration/Check In 8:00a-9:00a
Keynote 1 9:00a - 9:50a
Presentation 1 9:50a - 10:50a
Presentation 2 10:50a - 11:50a
Lunch 11:50a - 12:30p
Lunch 12:30p - 1:05p
Presentation 3 1:05p - 2:05p
Presentation 4 2:05p - 3:05p
Break 3:05p - 3:40p
Presentation 5 3:40p - 4:40p
Presentation 6 4:40p - 5:40p
Keynote 5:50p - 7:00p
Teardown 7:00p - 7:30p

Other Ideas

skippy will be bringing Habari Stickers.

Who's Going

The following people are going to be attending OLF.

  • Scott Merrill (skippy)
  • Chris J Davis (chrisjdavis)
  • Owen Winkler (ringmaster)
  • Sean T Evans (morydd)
  • masquerade
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