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The purpose of this section is to both outline and detail the decisions and configuration changes performed on the habariproject.org server.

Making Changes

Any member of the Cabal with sudo access is able to make changes to the server configuration, but it is highly recommended that they not do so without significant reason and knowledge of the implications. When in doubt, ask!


All changes should be documented! Undocumented changes can (and likely will) be reverted without warning, so you're not helping anyone by not documenting the change.


The aptitude package system is used for all system software installations where at all reasonably possible. The specific packages are quite standard for a LAMP stack and the main components are listed on the Packages page.

Resource Analysis

Efficient resource usage is a key consideration when configuring services. The Resource Analysis page summarizes the key resource hogs and outlines basic expectations for memory consumption. Please keep the overall system performance and stability in mind when making any configuration changes, not simply the performance of a single component.


Documentation for individual services is included in the Configuration section.

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