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Defensio for Habari

The Defensio plugin for Habari is a community maintained plugin that uses the Defensio spam filtering webservice, to filter your blog comments on your Habari Install.

First you will need to register for a Defensio API Key. This will be your unique key for your Habari powered blog. Then download the Defensio plugin from the Habari Community Plugins Repository, and install it on your Habari install. Now you're ready to go.


  • Download the Defensio plugin and extract it to the /user/plugins directory of your Habari installation.
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugins page of Habari's admin site.
  • Configure the plugin:
    • Enter your Defensio API Key. If you haven't obtained one yet, you can use the 'Get A New Defensio API Key' to do so.
    • You can choose whether to notify Defensio when you publish a new post by setting the 'Announce New Posts To Defensio' field.

How it works

When a visitor submits a comment on one of your posts the Defensio plugin submits the visitor's information, (including name, email addy, url, ip address) along with the comment to the Defensio server. In turn the Defensio server analyses the comment/commenter and returns a "yah" or "nah" to mark the comment as spam. The plugin then marks the comment as spam if Defensio said it was spam and stores it your database.


Defensio also returns a "spaminess" value for the comment. This value represents the "level of spam" that the comment has. In the admin section comments will be sorted by, and colour coded by, the spaminess for your easy moderation.

Filter Training

When you approve a comment that was marked as spam by Defensio, the plugin reports a false positive, meaning falsely marked as spam, to the Defensio server to help train Defensio for your needs. Similarly, when you mark an approved comment as spam the plugin will report a false negative to Defensio.

Also to help in the training of Defensio, the plugin provides an option for you to decide whether or not to submit new posts to the Defensio server. It is recommended that you enable this option to help train Defensio and keep the accuracy up.


Configuring the Defensio plugin.


Defensio statistics, including accuracy and colour coding, integrated with the Manage Comments screen.

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