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Also, if any of the wishes below are yours, please transfer them to trac and remove them from this list.



  • DNSBL/RBL Security Plugin (anti-abuse from known bad IPs)
  • CAPTCHA which is free-as-in-freedom


  • A netflix queue indicator (Jimmy Oliver did the code originally, I've modified it to have three feeds with one call of the plugin). It parses the feed of a given queue and indicates the titles of a given number of movies.
  • Now Reading
  • WP Movie Ratings


  • Plugins to support various content types such as polls, events, discussions, audio, chat (transcript), link, photo, quote, text, video, review, file, place (maps)
  • A plugin similar to the related posts plugin that outputs a list of related posts when the referrer is a search engine.
  • A Google Gears plugin that allows for writing draft entries while not connected to the Web.
  • super archivesBreezy Archives
  • comment quicktags


  • SezWho - comment ratings system
  • Admin comments feed: like e-mail sent when a new comment is posted, to have an ATOM/RSS feed which displays all comments (even one in moderation). -> Assigned Extras Ticket #16
  • Disqus - outsourced comment solution with API. Disqus also provide Javascript snippets which can be used on Habari can be used (a rudimentary Disqus plugin using the JavaScript is now available in the Habari extras repository). However, a proper integrated plugin (interface to Disqus dashboard from Admin screen) would be cool to encourage potential Habari users.
  • Live comment preview (without the gravatar support)
  • " AJAX edit comments- something along these lines to allow users to edit comments, but something even simpler than this would be great.


  • A silo which allows you to browse for a song, artist, or track and insert the link to it, along with album art. - done


  • Free tags plugin → What is "Free tags?"
  • A plugin to enable users to create categories, or at least use tags at categories, so that the tag field can still be used, but not shown (this is a problem if you put a load of tags on every entry)
  • A backup plugin
  • Plugin with the tweet to post function of Alex King's twitter tools
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