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This page serves as a central location for developing policies for how things are handled within the Habari Community. This is only for policies that are in an early working phase so that discussion and development can happen easily.

Nothing in the Policy Sandbox should be considered official policy yet.



Anyone can propose policy and create a section on this page. Like all wiki pages, anyone can contribute and discuss the policies. When a policy reaches a stable, consensus-driven form, it should be voted on by the PMC, at which point it should be moved to its own wiki page. If necessary, policy pages may be set to protected status as they represent an official stance.

Policies Needing Development

-extras Repository

Entry Requirements

  • APL License
  • Community Ownership
  • Documentation


  • HabariProject.org/extras
    • Plugins
      • Example Plugin
        • Trunk
        • Branches
        • Tags
          • Most Recent Current (ie 4.3)
          • Last Previous Major (ie 3.7)
    • Themes
      • Example Theme
        • Trunk
        • Branches
        • Tags
          • Most Recent Current (ie 4.3)
          • Last Previous Major (ie 3.7)

Third Party Software Inclusion

Release Procedure

Security Response Policy

  • security@habariproject.org alias

Privacy Standards

  • HP.o privacy policy
  • Privacy Policy for data transmitted to/from installs
    • No personally identifiable information ever
    • install information for updates/notification
  • Plugin/Theme privacy policy?


"Rangers" are volunteers who have accepted a guiding role for various aspects of the Habari Community. These people are expected to assist with making sure progress continues their adopted element, answering questions, and helping maintain consistency and lines of communication. "Rangers" are completely voluntary. A better name than "rangers" would probably be good.

"Ranger" Positions

  • Wiki
  • Extras Plugins
  • Extras Themes
  • Habari News
  • Release Team
  • Roadmap
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