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Don't get too excited, 0.10 isn't out yet, these release notes will be developed as we go along.



Welcome to Habari Version 0.10!

This latest release of Habari contains major improvements and feature changes. You should read the Upgrading page before you upgrade.

Issues Addressed

There were more than (XXXX - get this number using git describe in habari/system, v0.9-8-g05d4b7d means 8 commits since v0.9) commits and more than YYYY issues were closed for the 0.10 milestone.

Important Changes

  • To allow greater interoperability with other PHP libraries, Habari has adopted the PSR-0 conventions. All themes and plugins will need minor updates to work with Habari 0.10. See the Upgrading page for details of the required changes. #403
  • Translations have been removed from core and are now available through the addons catalog. See the Translation page for more information about how to translate your blog. 74085f52 #459
  • The admin stacks have changed. For that reason, some element names have changed. That is relevant for addons insert Javascript based on other elements. The admin JS element is now called "admin-js" and the admin CSS element is now called "admin-css". The locale JS is now called "locale-js". The order also changed. See the commit


No known security issues were reported in this release cycle.



  • The login form now uses FormUI, making it easier for plugins to manipulate. You may need to update plugins that enhance log in. ed133295
  • The use of presets has been pushed and the entire core code now relies on it for transparency and uniformity. In the same step all default parameter values have been removed from Posts::get(). All plugins and themes relying on the default limit or ordering when retrieving Posts will require minor updates. #353

Upgrade Notes

See the upgrading page.


Comment::STATUS_APPROVED is gone. Comment::status( 'approved' ) is its replacement.

Known Bugs

Many bug fixes and improvements have been made since the last release, but as with any piece of software issues and enhancement requests remain. For full details see Habari's change management system.


These release notes were compiled by the Habari Community.

On behalf of the community, we give our warmest thanks to the developers and contributors who made this Habari release possible.

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