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Version 0.4 of Habari should (hopefully!) be the last developer release of Habari, making way for Habari to officially reach beta status.

Over 200 commits have been applied to the Subversion repository. Some of these commits represent major functional changes, and some represent really trivial tweaks. Combined, the 0.4 DR release provides a significant improvement in the Habari codebase.

Major enhancements and fixes, in no particular order:

  • initial media support with silos: simple file, viddler, and flickr support out of the box
  • improved template file support and fall-back mechanisms in themes
  • better spam detection in the SpamChecker plugin
  • admins can now edit comments
  • on-disk caching is now supported
  • enhanced use of PHP sessions for data management
  • enhanced logging for diagnostic purposes
  • display screenshots on the theme selecton page
  • ACL and permissions support is included in this release, though not yet being used (stay tuned for 0.5!)
  • improved support for SQLite databases
  • improved WordPress import support
  • improved support for internationalization
  • properly detect the available PDO drivers, which should simplify the installation process
  • active and inactive plugins are separated on the plugins page
  • basic unit testing framework

You might like information on installing Habari fresh or upgrading your existing installation to 0.4.

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