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This list describes some discrete features that should be verified as working before a release. This list isn't comprehensive, but still currently includes some items that didn't pass with the 0.5 code (for example, ACL). Its test procedure is here: Release 0.5 Test Procedure

When performing a test for the purpose of determining release readiness, each of these tasks should be attempted on as many platforms as possible, for each supported database engine (MySQL, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL).


  • Manage content
    • Create a draft
      • Edit that draft
      • Publish that draft
    • Create a page
    • Delete a page
    • Search content
  • Manage comments
    • Mark a comment as unapproved
    • Mark that comment as spam
    • Mark that comment as approved
    • Delete comments or Delete 'em all
    • Search comments
  • Manage users
    • Create a user
    • Edit a user
    • Delete a user
  • Manage groups and permissions
    • Create a new group
    • Add a new user to that group
    • Test each permission by giving it to that group and logging in with that new user.
    • Test the 'deny' override by adding that user to a different group and denying a couple of random permission.
  • Manage options
    • Changed different options in the Options page and verify the effect.
    • Activate and deactivate plugins
    • Configure and test the Undelete plugin
    • Activate and test the Private posts plugin
  • Manage logs
    • Filter events
    • Delete events
    • Search events
  • Change themes
  • Import
    • Confirm Categories as Tags
    • Import from WP 2.5
    • Import from WP 2.6
    • Import from Serendipity
      • Confirm Authors
      • Confirm Pages
      • Confirm Comments
      • Confirm Users
      • Confirm Categories as Tags
  • Multi-Site
    • Installation
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • Search


  • Comment on a post
  • Remove the comment permission from the Anonymous group, logout and try commenting again (it should not be allowed)
  • Search content
  • View a specific tag
  • View a post
  • View a page
  • Subscribe to the main Atom feeds (/atom/[x]).
  • Subscribe to the Atom feeds of a single post comments (/[slug/atom/comments).
  • Subscribe to the Atom feeds of a tag (/tag/[tag slug]/atom).
  • Log in
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