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The 0.7 Developer Preview series of releases is intended to give users who regularly develop themes and plugins a sneak-peak at the latest features. While it is generally considered stable we recommend that it not be used in production environments.

Issues addressed


  • One fix for a minor security vulnerability that was included in Habari 0.6.5.
  • Fixes for three potential security vulnerabilities that were included in Habari 0.6.6.


  • Errors generated by invalid information in a plugin XML file are now properly caught: r4575 and #1240
  • Update the Flickr Silo so it's possible to translate strings: r4620 and #1337, r4626 and #1339
  • Fix the "cache" of post statuses so it reflects a deleted post status properly: r4634
  • Ignore menu entries, auto-saved drafts, and revisions when importing from a modern WordPress database: r4677 and r4678


  • MultiByte-aware ucfirst and lcfirst functions: r4587
  • Update checks are now performed via CronJob, rather than on each request to the Dashboard and Themes pages: r4587 and r4609
  • MultiByte-aware str_replace and str_ireplace functions: r4600
  • MultiByte-aware ucwords function: r4601
  • Add the ability to completely load the Habari stack, but do not execute the request using the SUPPRESS_REQUEST constant: r4607
  • Forcibly deactivate a plugin if it does not exist when plugins are loaded: r4611
  • Add methods to output ordered lists of a vocabulary structure: r4615 and r4616
  • Support HTTP proxies for all RemoteRequest connections: r4625, r4626, and r4629
  • Display the reason a database connection failed if the DEBUG constant is set: r4645
  • Add a not:slug option when fetching posts using Posts::get(): r4672
  • Update the BluePrint CSS Framework to version 1.0: r4673
  • Remove some restrictions on additional parameters being supplied when fetching a monthly count of posts with Posts::get() - LIMIT and ORDERBY: r4675 and r4676

Known Bugs

As with any piece of software issues and enhancement requests remain. For full details see Habari's change management system.

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