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The SimpleFileSilo is an instance of a MediaSilo plugin. It allows you to upload, view, and insert files which are stored on your webserver. In order for the SimpleFileSilo to function in Habari version 0.4, it is necessary that you create a files folder under
habari/user/ or habari/user/site/x.y.z
The webserver needs to have read/write access to this folder. So, depending on you webhost, you will likely need to use a command such as:
chmod o+rwx habari/user/files

or if that does not work:

chmod go+rwx habari/user/files

As of Habari version 0.4, the "create directory" function is not implemented. You can manually create directories under habari/user/files and you will be able to browse the contents of these directories.

SimpleFileSilo is developed by the Habari Community.

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