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Notes from Dinner Sept. 29 2007

Comment Tracking

  • Looking for a way to track comments on other Habari sites.
    • Open ID style tracking
      • Leave a comment at site (A), fill in your habari site URL (B)
      • (A) pings (B) to see if it is a Habari site that is enabled for tracking
      • if (B) responds to ping, (B) opens confirmation dialog for your password
      • (B) tells (A) exchange is approved, and data is sent.
      • (A) only receives data if (B) responds that you have confirmed.
  • Comment tracking internal. Uses comment cookie to return you to first comment after your last comment.

If URL is blank in comment Response, do not use link for name. Morydd 17:57, 2 October 2007 (UTC)

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