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Currently, Habari supports two template engines, the RawPHPEngine, which uses regular PHP for control and output, and the HiEngine, which uses simple custom tags for output.

Two themes are currently packaged with Habari; Mzingi, which is a lightweight theme designed to help people learn how to theme for Habari, and Charcoal. Other publicly available themes are currently available, with many more on the horizon.


Included themes are installed in system/themes. This allows for upgrading without touching the /user directory at all. If you would like to use a system theme, but make modifications, you can copy all of the files and directories into user/themes. The user/themes/k2 would override the system/themes/k2. Again, this allows for upgrading, and any changes to the distributed version K2 not over write your modified version. You could then migrate any changes to your user copy.

Additional themes can be uploaded to your /user/themes directory. Themes must include a theme.xml file in order to be activated in /admin/themes. See Creating a Custom Theme for details about this file, and about how to create your own themes.

Additional Information about themes and customization:

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