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Habari Ideas/Opinions Page

  • Layout: Logo/title, description text, simple form (ala Twitter)
  • Advise/link to other communication channels for more detailed ideas
  • List top X ideas, recent ones, keep stats basically and make 'em public, provide tracking/feedback (mention when idea X was approved and moved to a Trac ticket)
  • Backend: Post as `page`, comments are the ideas/opinions, filter against spam using honeypot or mollom?


  • Support Twitter? How can we prevent spam?
    • Consider tweets as comments too or just list them aside?



  • Free-for-all until they pick up pace
  • Once patterns emerge, create new categories and move threads accordingly
  • Prepare a list of guidelines, per-category or not, and have them approved by PMC and then stickied


  • Work on a forums plugin for habari, threads are posts, replies are comments.
    • Support mail-in replies
      • a) Make a mail-in replies for comments or posting first
      • b) Extend that plugin with another one to support Google Groups
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