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Webworker & Usability Idealist, Karlsruhe, Germany

Focus on: Semantic Web, Usability, PHP, JS (AJAX/Unobtrusive JavaScript), Linux, Open Source

  • My OpenBC/XING-Profile
  • Webmontag Karlsruhe - aka "Webmonday Karlsruhe". I'm somewhat involved with its organization.
  • die datenreisenden - aka "Data Travelers-Blog" - the “somewhat more official” weblog, authored by my humble self + Sebastian Kuhne of BeKaWe Media - mostly in German, but sometimes there will be and have been articles published in english, too.
  • AlltagsGrauen - my private weblog (which is currently undergoing heavy rebuilt activities based on habari 0.5+ - also see this article )

Business and stuff

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