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All my blogs run off a single instance of Habari using the cool multisite functionality. The rest of this page is just my dumping ground for ideas and Todos.

Feel free to ping me about any of this stuff on #habari.



Stuff I really should do.

  • Read through and understand the recent changes to Terms and Tags in trunk
  • Experiment with these Terms/Tags changes


I get a lot of crazy ideas that I don't write down.


A lot of Habari documentation needs to be written or improved. This is my sandpit until I'm happy with the docs.

  • Methods to select posts by Terms (thanks ringmaster):

$other = Post::get('limit=1&vocabulary[tags:all:term]=habari');
$other = Post::get('limit=1&vocabulary=tags:all:term_display=habari');
$other = Post::get(array('vocabulary' => 'tags[all:term]=habari'));
$other = Post::get(array('limit'=> 1, 'before' => $post->pubdate->format('Y-m-d'), 'vocabulary'=> 'tags[all:term]=' . $tag->term));
$other = Post::get('limit=1&before=' . $post->pubdate->format('Y-m-d') . '&vocabulary[tags][all:term]=' . $tag->term);
$other = Post::get(
		'limit' => 1,
		'vocabulary' => array('all'=>array($tag)),
		'before' => $post->pubdate,


Needs Improving

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