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This is all untested so please test and report back ;)

To get commit access to the -extras repo all you need to do ask. Either via email to the -dev list, or in the #habari IRC channel.

Once you have access, you need to create your plugin's directory. For a plugin named "my-plugin" you would do:

svn mkdir -m"plugin:my-plugin creating directory"

Then "checkout" your newly created dir to your local machine.

svn co my-plugin

Now you need to create the directory structure for your new plugin. so first enter your "my-plugin" directory and create the directories "trunk", "tags", and "branches".

cd my-plugin
mkdir trunk tags branches

Now copy over your plugin files to the trunk directory.

cp /path/to/my-plugin/* trunk

Now you need to tell svn all the new files are under version control, and then commit them.

svn add *
svn ci -m"plugin:my-plugin initial commit"

Now your plugin is under version control.


Save to file and chmod +x. Then add alias for easy execution:

echo "alias addplugin='/path/to/addpluginscript'" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Call like:

addplugin my-plugin /path/to/my-plugin/files

And the script:

svn mkdir$1 -m"plugin:$1 creating directory"
svn co$1 $1
cd $1
mkdir trunk tags branches
cp $2/* trunk
svn add *
svn ci -m"plugin:$1 initial commit"
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