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Ideas for wiki pages

  • flesh out the table of contents for a user manual.
  • user-level security practices: safe password, SSL, etc etc
  • filesystem permissions.
  • work on an introduction to the user manual. What makes Habari different from the eleventy billion other blog tools. Why are YOU involved?

(all ideas compliments of Skippy)

Wiki Todos

  • Add category Glossary to pages def pages
  • add category Manual to pages that need to go into docs
  • User Plugin page for adding plugins to themes

Manual Todos

  • installer troubleshooting tiddler - prominent link, installer will be linking to Installation page
  • Add search back

Using Habari

(Outline from RandyWalker - need these pages started)

  • Creating Content
    • Write a Post
    • Write a Page
    • Upload Media
    • Use Uploaded Media
  • Managing Content
    • Moderate Comments
    • Delete Spam
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