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Habari's third Developer Release represents a huge step forward. The Administration area has seen a major update and includes better filtering, a cleaner look (which will continue to be a major focus for the next release), and better control over the content of your site. Over 100 bugs have been closed, representing fixes, enhancements and new features to make Habari one step closer to being the cutting-edge blogging platform it is destined to be. Everything from the installer to comment moderation has been improved, and documentation has been augmented throughout the project.

Improvements in administration include a new layout that makes it easier to find the information you need, Comments and Content both now support filtering and pagination within the admin interface. Additionally, plugins are tested before being activated to help insure that a problem with your plugin won't make your site inaccessible.

As this is a developer release, there are many changes for developers to take advantage of. New methods for Comments and Events are included to add significant flexibility. Many new hooks have been added for plugin developers. Additionally default rewrite rules have been moved from the database to a stand-alone file. For theme developers, we've added header and footer ability, and jQuery and Blueprint are now both accessible to themes. This enables theme designers to take advantage of these libraries without having to install them separately.

This developer's release is part of a work in progress, so there may be some errors, or incomplete features. Please let us know if you find any and we'll follow up on it. If this is your first experience with Habari, welcome to the community. If you've been here a while, we thank you for your participation. Habari would not exist without the fantastic Community behind it.

Download Habari 0.3DR here!

View the installation or upgrade help.

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