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A summary of discussions on IRC about a points/awards/reputation/karma/whuffie system for Habari. This is my compiliation of ideas discussed and my own interpretation of what I think would work well.



Users have a number of points to give based on tiers. The tier a user is at is based on the number of points the user has received. Each tier doubles the number of points of the previous tier. For example, upon registering on HP.o a user will be at Teir 1 and have 5 points to distribute to other users as they see fit. once they have received 5 points from other users, they will be promoted to Tier 2 and have 10 points to distribute. When they receive 10 points, they move to Tier 3 and have 20 points to distribute. And so on.

Point Distribution

The maximum number of points that a user can give to another single user is based on their tier level. The maximum points is determined by taking total points for the level divided by Tier number. So Tier 1 = 5/1 = 5 points maximum per user. Tier 2 = 10/2 = 5 points max. Tier 3 = 20/3 = 7 points max. This will encourage users to spread their points across a wider section of the community. There may be some value in requiring that a certain percentage of points go to people at a lower tier to encourage new particpants with greater recognition within the community.

Point Assignment

Points would be given via an interface on HP.o user pages. A simple "Give Points" button would open a dialog that told the user how many points they currently have to distribute along with a text box for a description of the reason for awarding the point, and a "tag" or "category" field. Both of these would be optional. There would also be a "submit" and a "cancel" button.


Point Meter

The Point Meter, as I envision it, would display the current tier and a progress bar showing how far towards the next tier the user is. This would be the primary display of overall community participation and reputation.


Badges would be a fun way of encouraging people to become familiar with other aspects of the project beyond their comfort zone. If a user receives a certain number of points categorized in a particular area, they would receive a badge for that area. ie if you got 10 points that were tagged "wiki" you would "win" the Wiki Badge. Which would then be displayed in your "collection". We could also add some "just for fun" badges. Anniversary of your HP.o account, easter eggs for finding the pony on an HP.o page, or other fun things like that.


Of significant importance is the need to keep the system very easy to use, while at the same time making it difficult to "game the system".

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