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Rejected Habari Taglines (From IRC)

  • Habari: Enigmatically Different
  • Habari: it's not a carwash.
  • Habari: We don't have a carwash plugin yet, but if you'd like to write one we'll help
  • Habari: we are family
  • Habari: Not your grandfather's tire iron
  • Habari: If you've got twelve things to do, we'll help you with 10. But then it'll quickly become 15.
  • Habari: You're soaking in it.
  • Habari: 99 Problems, but the blog ain't one.
  • Habari: Sucking less, so you don't have to.
  • Habari: We should've picked the Swahili word for 'community'
  • Habari: We sometimes listen to Journey, but it's not good
  • Habari: Better than our musical taste would indicate.
  • Habari: don't stop believing
  • Habari: Like a wheel in the sky. It keeps turning
  • Habari: straight outta compton
  • Habari: we've got a lot of tags
  • Habari: It's black and white
  • Habari: Boldly going where no blog platform has gone before, and the people who make it so
  • Habari: 10% code, 90% pithy slogans community
  • Habari: A Swinging Community
  • Habari: Popular in Canada
  • Habari: We haven't come up with any new slogans in a while
  • Habari: We've got a bug for everyone
  • Habari: Huge in Japan
  • Habari: It's better than bad
  • Habari: the bits make it better
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