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Timeline for Release Manager

  • Solicit feedback for Major Goals
    • For 0.7 this would include (for example) taxonomy, theme improvements, docs
  • Identify and subscribe to tickets on trac for each of these goals.
    • If tickets do not exist, create them to track progress on them.
  • View new tickets as added to determine if they should be added to the next release milestone
  • Post progress reports weekly
  • Maintain list of updates on wiki for release notes
  • Solicit assistance with updating wiki/docs/hp.o/plugins
  • Determine when release is getting near completion so that docs and publicity can be updated as needed.

Everything below this point is old, but perhaps still a valid starting point

Release Cycle (Three Month Cycle)

Release of Previous version Start New Cycle
Week 1 Select Goals for next Version.

Assign PMC Owners for goals Merge changes from release tag into trunk

Week 2-3 Add user contributed goals from feedback on previous version, with owners
Week 4-9 Review goal progress weekly. Add bug-fix goals as appropriate.
Week 10 Confirm all goal progress

Goals that will not be complete, decide via vote if they should be pushed to next release or warrant a release hold.

Week 11 Feature Freeze, Begin Doc Cleanup
Week 12, Day 1 Hard Freeze. Any changes to code require formal vote.

Package Release Candidate for theme/plugin/docs.

Week 12, Day 3 48 Hour Vote Process for PMC release approval
Week 12, Day 6 Update version.php, zip packages
Week 12, Day 7 Release!

Update Beacon to notify users of upgrade. Notify appropriate outlets, post to HP.o


An item selected for inclusion in a specific release. A goal must have an owner to be included in the release milestone.
PMC member repsonsible for overseeing progress on an issue. This is not necessarily the person responsible for writing the code, merely the person responsible for tracking and reporting on progress made, and ultimately, for determining if the goal will be complete for release. In some cases this person may write the code entirely on their own. At the other extreme, this person will not write any code at all but merely answer questions and provide feedback to someone else (or a group) who has chosen to take on that goal.

Other Notes

Some goals may be selected, with the understanding that they will take more than one release cycle to complete.

Goals may be added, only with an owner, at any time during the release cycle, before the freeze, provided that the owner believes they can be successfully completed before the freeze.

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