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How do you most commonly find new web applications?

  • Search Engines
  • Recommendations of Friends
  • Seeing the application in use on other sites
  • Review Sites

When researching a new web application, what do use to make your decision?

  • Demo Site
  • Recommendations
  • Feature Lists
  • Screenshots/Screencasts
  • Tutorials

What is the single most important feature you look for in blogging software?

  • Easy Install
  • Media Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Easy Theme Construction
  • Multiple Author Support
  • Multiple Site Support
  • Multiple User Support
  • Plugin Support
  • Desktop Client Support

If you are a blogger now, what is the thing you appreciate most about your current blog software?

  • Interface
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Connection to 3rd-party services
  • Feeds
  • Podcast support

If you are a blogger now, what is the thing you least like about your current blog software?

Please rank these concerns regarding migrating an existing blog to new software:

  • Migrating existing blog content
  • Maintaining look and feel
  • Search engine rankings
  • Retaining permalinks
  • Consistent or improved workflow for new content
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