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This is a rough draft of ideas for a style guide for this wiki

Point of View

In keeping with Habari's emphasis on the community, articles in the wiki should be written as if a person speaking for the community were speaking directly to the reader. Second person plural should be used for when refering to the Community. "Habari follows the meritocracy model. We believe that this is the best way to develop our community. We hope that you will find this to be true."

Formating "Habari"

"Habari" should always be capitalized but not specially formatted otherwise. Additionally, when referring specifically to the Habari Community, the world "community" should also be capitalized.

Users and Developers

The terms "Users" and "Developers" should be used only when referencing people actively acting in those capacities. They should never be used to refer to "classes" of users. Attempts should be made to minimize percieved differences between the two groups.

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