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This page is a place to record Habari related tasks that you're currently working on. The purpose is to help people find out what's been started when choosing a task so that they can either help someone else who has already begun a task, or choose a task that has not been undertaken thus far. This will hopefully help reduce duplication of effort.


Core Features


Magic Tags

Sean T. Evans is working on a "Magic Tags" plugin which will allow tags prefixed with "@" to be hidden from display, but otherwise available. The concept behind this is to use those tags to assist with formatting or other functions that would be transparent to the reader of a Habari site.

For example, a tag of "@aside" would cause that post to be formatted differently on the home page, but the aside tag would be hidden from the viewer.


Style Contest

Sean T. Evans is working on a theme that would allow the use of StyleContest themes in Habari with very minor effort on the part of the user.


  • Wiki map (graphical illustration of wiki structure for new editors to grasp namespace)
    • Should we require a "user" page for each "dev" and "core" page?
  • User doc led development section
    • user creates a "how I'd like a new feature to work" basic description
    • from this formal docs and code are developed (hopefully in that order)
  • No search results template for wiki
  • Monthly HP.o themes (Describe, highlight, wrapup posts)
    • Ownership
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