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In Habari, AutoP is the functionality that automatically turns multiple line breaks into paragraph elements in the rendered HTML, easing the markup burden on authors.

This page serves as a forum to document the expected behavior of AutoP in Habari, especially the cases where the expected behavior is non-obvious.


  • two or more line breaks turn into a single HTML paragraph separator in most cases
  • a single line break turns into a single HTML line break in most cases
  • Unless the input text is the start tag of a block element (see bellow), the entry is automatically started with a <p> tag
  • empty paragraphs are stripped (<p></p>)
  • certain elements are exempt from AutoP (see below)
  • TODO: more...


  • how should we handle completely invalid markup from the author? (e.g.: <b>foo<i>bar</b></i>)
  • certain non-block elements imply autop and others do not. Which? (e.g.: <b>foo\n\nbar</b> should become what? <p><b>foo</b></p><p><b>bar</b></p> ? If so, this really messes up with <li>foo\n\nbar</li>)


Block Elements


AutoP Exempt Elements


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