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Technical hosting needs for

  • No shared hosting. Must be dedicated or VPS.
  • Must be managed by habariproject (no managed hosting, cloud, or service provider solution); we must control the [virtual] server, with root
  • We need only a single IP
  • Monthly bandwidth estimate: <= 10GB/month

As of 11/17/09, over 8GB of bandwidth had been used for the month. This should probably be higher.--rickc 19:42, 17 November 2009 (UTC)

  • Must be Linux (for social and maintainability reasons). Preferably Debian-based (Ubuntu).
  • We currently have 1GB of RAM. Other than Trac crapping out for $unknownReason, is this sufficient?
    • What are load averages like very generally, and what cpu is under those loads, if known?
  • At least 8GB of disk space (we're currently using around 5GB)

Current Hosting Costs for

It may be useful to include what we're currently paying for the resources that we use.

The current system is hosted at SliceHost on a 1GB slice. This runs $70/month plus US tax. We also have backups enabled for the slice which costs an extra $15/month.

I've also got running on AWS S3/Cloudfront so that release days don't turn the server into goo. The costs on this vary depending on demand, but as anyone with AWS will attest, the cost of this is minimal.

We also maintain a multi-host SSL cert from GoDaddy. It's a bit more expensive than a single host cert, but it covers up to 5 of our domains. That costs $89.99/year.

Finally, there's domain name registration. We have all three TLD com/org/net domains registered. I believe that Matt Bauer has these registered somewhere, probably at or around the standard $9/year.

Note that although these costs seem high, there are some reasons for the pricing. First, Slicehost has been utterly reliable for the duration of its use, which is fairly invaluable in a host. Second, we've migrated up from smaller slices as we've grown. Third, I'm a fan of good security -- I'm insistent that we have reliable backup and (optional) SSL on resources that we log into or want to certify as our own.

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