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mikelietz - Note to selves - Do not design any hp.o quests to be as convoluted as N Sync

Quest system

  • Quest #1: get BigJibby a beer
  • Quest #3: there is no quest
  • Quest #4: Say "Habari, bitches!" to JibbyBot in #habari IRC.
  • Quest #6: Install the quest tracker plugin on your blog.
  • Quest #6: Make your blog have different themes.
  • Quest #8: understand mumbles
  • Quest #17: "Install your Habari site, then list your URL with {site that counts software installations}."
  • Quest #19:"Remember never to forget Rule One, and always ask yourself, how come it was created in the first place?
  • Quest #20: Create a screencast of your favorite part of Habari.
  • Quest #28: "Use JibbyBot to suggest a quest with the ,suggestquest command."
  • Quest #33: "Vote on suggested quests listed on"
  • Quest #42: make a post about hhgttg
  • Quest #92: Find a Habari user in a US state, or country not already home to a Habarian on the Habari Map
  • Quest #93: Find a blogger, or start a blog, based in Africa.
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