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Wiki Guides and Conventions

Please feel free to make changes which improve the Habari wiki at any time.

If you're keen to get more involved, consider joining the Wiki Working Group, and keep an eye out for the next WikiWeek.

WikiWeek is a week organised from time to time by the Wiki Working Group devoted to improving Habari's Documentation. The goal is to make the online wiki (this site) as complete as we are able and to determine the optimal setup for the documentation included in the Habari package. In addition, improving useability for users and building a strong structure to help ensure the maintainability of the wiki for the future.


What Needs to Be Done


The wiki needs a uniform style and organization. Pages that don't currently fit into that structure should be modified to work within the structure.

Orphaned Pages

Orphaned Pages are pages that are not linked to. These pages should be linked so that they can be found more easily. A list can be found at Special:Lonelypages


More pages should be categorized for easier location and coordination


Templates are useful for improving navigation and flagging pages that need work. (The "Discuss This Page" box above is an example of how templates can be used.

How You Can Help

This is a great opportunity for those new to Habari to get their feet wet in the community. Things as simple as flagging incomplete pages or checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar can help. Following a section of the site and helping coordinate efforts can also help the community make progress towards our goals.

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